Cambridge Learning Journey is a collaboration between Cambridge University Press, Cambridge English Language Assessment and your school.

Why the Cambridge Learning Journey?

To guide our learners from infancy to young adulthood, and show that English is more than just a subject.

Because we believe that learning is a skill that needs nurturing throughout our lives.

Where does the journey take us?

The philosophy behind the Cambridge Learning Journey encompasses the whole-child approach to learning and development. The growing confidence this approach gives the pupils will impact positively on other key aspects of their social, emotional and cognitive development.

How will we achieve this?

You and your institution
Bring together the whole school community (pupils, parents, teachers and directors) in a common partnership.

We at Cambridge University Press guarantee the best learning materials and training and Cambridge English Language Assessment quality school external certification.

Together we ensure your students become confident learners as they prepare for the challenges of life.

Do you want to learn more?

Follow the links below to download the brochures with all the information on the Cambridge Learning Journey. You can also learn more about Positive Education, with the presentation given by Simon Ward, our consultant for The Cambridge Learning Journey, and a series of videos on the topic.

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